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  • Employment and rehabilitation services
    Valo-Valmennusyhdistys provides employment services as well as various rehabilitative services to employment authorities, local authorities/municipalities, education providers/colleges and other public organisations. The aim of these services is to improve participants’ skills, provide a sense of accomplishment, strengthen self-esteem and independence, improve inclusion and support participants in transitioning towards education and/or employment.
  • Educational services
    Valo-Valmennusyhdistys provides education services to various organisations. Our learning environments are informal, work/employer-based environments, enabling learning through real life tasks. We develop the Valo-Valmennus –concept, that enables the completion of vocational qualification modules (and full qualifications) in informal learning environments. We also develop basic skills training (reading, writing, maths, IT) in our learning environments.
  • Housing
    We offer supported housing to those who need support in transitioning to independent living. Our housing services are offered either in individual units or small clusters, where standard rental agreements can be arranged (the housing first model). Holistic support is offered to those accessing our housing services.
  • Youth Services
    Valo-Valmennusyhdistys primarly works with young people at risk of exclusion from society. We operate Youth Guarantee Houses (services) in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Rauma. The houses offer young people services such as: youth work, individual and group support, hobbies and support with education and employment. In addition, we provide so called Nuotti –coaching to young people whose physical, mental and/or social functioning has declined. This work is based on young persons´ own resources, skills and hopes for the future.  We also offer statutory services in child protection and after care.


Development of Models

Valo-Valmennusyhdistys develops and distributes together with its partners the following service models:

  • Valo-Valmennus training model
    Valo-valmennus is meant for people, who want to improve their job readiness and complete vocational qualification modules through practical work. Learning takes place in real life working environments, completing real tasks, supported by a coach. The model is used in over 100 organisations across Finland.
  • Youth Guarantee House
    The Youth Guarantee House concept brings together different youth services. The aim is to offer holistic support at the right time to young people at risk of exclusion from society. Young people not in education or in statutory services are offered one to one support. In the long term, the aim is to offer opportunities and solutions in transitioning to education or employment.  There are four functioning Youth Guarantee Houses in different cities in Finland.
  • Towards ordinary life
    Towards ordinary life- model offers rehabilitation and training to offenders at different phases of their release. The aim is to support ex-offenders to move towards education and employment. From the releasing offenders’ point of view, this model provides a genuine opportunity to change their lifestyle towards “ordinary life”.


Develop with us

Development projects
Valo-Valmennusyhdistys has several active development projects related to the following themes:

  • Improving inclusion in society for young people
  • Developing informal learning environments and validation of skills/competences
  • Learning paths and skills building for ex-offenders and people in recovery
  • Improving basic skills
  • Exercise and well-being know-how

Valo-Valmennusyhdistys actively seeks external funding from different sources with local, national and international partners to further develop services for the most vulnerable groups in society.

We have mobility projects funded from the Erasmus+ and Nordplus programmes. The founding organisations also participate in international ESF development projects. We continuously seek new international partners for both mobility and development projects.


Contact information

info (at) valo-valmennus (dot) fi

Kimmo Kumlander

Managing Director
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Jaana Härkönen

International coordinator